Monday, April 8, 2013

Lustdoctor signs for ‘The Fighting Cock’

The Lustdoctor has accepted a bid from to join its team of feisty and uncompromising wildfowl. The fee is believed to be in the region of ‘half a can of Tyskie’. An initial bid of ‘a crate of Fosters’ was flatly rejected. In a separate deal, Jonathan Obika has joined the Lustdoctor until the end of the season and is currently dusting my blinds.

In future, you can capture my leftfield Spurs musings on The Fighting Cock website. Keen followers of this blog may have noticed an absence of er, actual blogs in recent weeks. Rest assured, the mad Spurs love still remains and breathes fire in my soul. Yet a combination of business, personal and travel commitments – with a dash of baby mama drama – have meant that regular post-match blogs are now virtually impossible in the short-term.

This blog has always intended to be a witty and hopeful antidote to the stale and guileless negativity that seems to accompany every Spurs performance on social media and beyond. Even with an injured ravaged, striker-free squad, we follow a team that should pump our fast-beating hearts with lilywhite pride and provide a genuine sense of hope for the future. Keep the faith.

Less regular insights will now continue elsewhere, but with no less passion and commitment. I hope you’ll follow me there. Like the streetwise bear in that old Hofmeister advert. I will be wearing a silky bomber jacket of similar quality.