Friday, July 27, 2012

Why can’t Tottenham buy a striker?

Someone put Daniel Levy on a conference call with Bob Crow; the bolshy union boss doesn’t have a problem locating strikers.

While the AVB revolution promises a brave new world for many Spurs fans, other more predictable traits remain difficult to shake; in the last 4.5 transfer windows Tottenham have still failed to buy a striker.

In a Shakespearean mixture of farce and tragedy, Spurs only have one ‘goalscorer’ (forgive the highly liberal use of the term) available in rookie Harry Kane for the remainder of the club’s US tour following another heartbreaking bereavement for the Defoe family. Our thoughts and condolences are obviously with Jermain at this sad time.

With the Adebayor deal dragging like a thalidomide dog, preseason preparations have that familiar sense of imbalance. Is there another club in the football world approaching a new season with a solitary (senior) striker on its books? Does Daniel Levy have a goalscorer allergy? If so, break out the antihistamine; we need to score goals.

Certainly, two new frontmen are a prerequisite ahead of the new campaign. I may be a lone voice here, but the sale and misuse of Roman Pavlyuchenko continues to bemuse when the club’s only other striking options were a high maintenance loan striker (Adebayor) and a player with just two years left on his contract (Defoe). The Russian’s goals-per-minute record was exemplary. Sell by all means, but only when a replacement with working limbs is available.

On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to view two potential striking options for Spurs in Hulk and Leonardo Damaio whilst attending the Brazil-Egypt Olympic match at the Millennium Stadium. While Hulk is a handful, he does not represent value in the £35 million bracket and lacked the nous one might expect at such a hefty price tag. Damaio, meanwhile, looked highly suited to the English game with his physicality, touch and instinct for goal. Obviously, this was just one match, but on the basis of their respective price tags (Damaio retails at £25 million) and age (Hulk is three years older) then Damaio is a far more savvy target.

With the new season a mere three weeks away, Spurs can’t allow a(nother) genuine striker crisis to limp to a closing transfer window. It remains the most important piece of the puzzle. Yet still we wait for a solution. Is Leon Knight available?


@liamlemur said...

Glad spooky tweeted this, had me pissing myself at thalidomide dog, i also think hulk is a glory boy and i don't want any of those at the club.

'Lust Doctor' said...

Cheers Liam. Can't believe we're here again. After a couple of Asahis, I would take Grant Holt.