Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love those brave birds

Lust Doctor Memories 5: Yelena worked in an exclusive West End club that doubled up as a honey pot for wealthy, eligible, but near middle-aged men. Underneath the bar counter, she kept an extensive collection of magazines featuring every conceivable male hobby or past-time as she eavesdropped the conversations of the unattached and loaded.

After gauging a measure of her target’s wealth and the nature of his interests, Yelena withdrew from her bar duties to take a conspicuous break with a mineral water and a carefully selected periodical. After a few flicks of her shiny hair, she soon drew attention.

“I didn’t have you down as a pigeon fancier?"
"Oh yes, my father and brothers used homing pigeons when it was so cold in Siberia and the telephone lines froze. Many of them die, but they always try to help us. I love those brave birds. When I first arrive, I sit in Trafalgar Square and it makes me happy remembering those times, sitting amongst their droppings."

Dinner was the minimum expectation though jewelry and indecent proposals were not uncommon, but the holy grail of marriage remained elusive for Yelena. Elsewhere hopeful young girls buy shiny belts and shortish skirts from Top Shop to fit into the scenery, but twinkle just enough. It might never happen for any of us, but in our own way we are all on the lookout for something better.

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