Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am glad we lost to Blackpool

No, I’m not. Just trying to get your attention like a podgy Geordie girl in a boob tube during -5 temperatures or every other misleading, lazily-posted football headline on the internet.

It would be easy to be overly negative after a 1-3 defeat to a woefully out-of-form Blackpool, but I won’t fall into that obvious trap. You have to lose well and win well in life. And Spurs have won a lot recently and enjoyed a fair slice of luck here or there. It was probably due.

If you can’t take a defeat and a bit of ill-fortune with good grace then you probably shouldn’t be here and, if you are going to lose to any side, there are worse teams than likeable underdogs Blackpool who play the game in the right spirit and have frequently appeared luckless this season.

I am sure there are people on Twitter, Spurs messageboards and football call-ins petitioning for Redknapp’s sacking, British jobs for British workers and the return of capital punishment. We’ll leave them to it. If you follow Spurs for easy victories, textbook demolitions, bragging rights - the pub football sofa experience complete with replica shirt sans match ticket - this is probably the wrong gig for you. But remember it’s still a good gig.

I was unable (thankfully) to make it to Bloomfield Road tonight, but I was – as ever – entirely bemused by the BBC website’s slapdash coverage of the match. Only at the weekend they claimed AGAIN that a Crawley win over Manchester United would make them the first non-league side EVER to make the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. I reminded them that Spurs won the cup in 1901 as a non-league side. Did they correct this error? Did they fuck. Your average cokehead has less arrogance. I can only assume they are on something a bit stronger. Roll on the government cuts.

Intriguingly, Blackpool were one-nil up but had no attempts on target, according to the stats on the BBC website. A fascinating insight into statistical accuracy. The half-time report said how much Blackpool had ridden their luck, but were yet somehow good value for a 2-0 half-time lead. If this makes sense to you, I look forward to your appearance on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ tomorrow. We await with interest the results of your obese wife’s lie detector test.

Unfortunately, the true criminal of Spurs season is rapidly shaping into Jermain Defoe. JD has less of a kick than his alcoholic namesake. Thirteen league games without a goal in a season admittedly disrupted by injury and suspension. Maybe a new chant of “Jermain Defoe, you owe us a goal” would be appropriate. I hoped being surrounded by orange-chested individuals might have fired his enthusiasm, but sadly no.

It’s not too late for Defoe to fire us into the Champions League next season, but it is certainly overdue.


Anonymous said...

spurs are totally shit, all we needed was for yids to beat those twats from blackpool and I would have been a happy hammer, but the jewish gits let us all down again, rubbish!

Sid said...

Just like a West Ham supporter to post anonymously, where are west Ham?
A bad day at the office for Tottenham, it might be the kick up the arse we need to a strong finish.
Strikers are shit, whenever has JD had a season where he is on form throughout? send him to West ham he is suited to them.

SpursSimon said...

The BBC did apologise to me when I pointed out that saying "Spurs have never won at Old Trafford" was not in any way like a real statement

Martin said...

We were truly tangoed!!!

No excuses though! as we dominated the entire game, but could not score, and gave away the type of goals that would grace any school playground. Who said "it's a funny old game"?

frontwheel said...

anon, what a west ham moron ain,t they all