Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Willie’s wind-ups - Part Trois!

Bonjour, mes amis, c’est William Gallas! These international breaks, the time stands still, non? It is a time of solitude and contemplation at Chez Gallas since my international ‘retirement’. I might read Sartre and scribble thought-provoking existential notes on the page or breathe in the magic of Truffaut on my home cinema system while sipping a frothy Kronenbourg from my home bar. But my everyday pleasures are no more...lost in the slipstream of international football.... I can’t calm myself by platting Benoit’s hair or telling Luka a bedtime story. Long dark nights of the soul are not uncommon in these times.

There is only one thing that can lift my flagging spirits amid this bleakness. What is it, mon William, you ask? Why it is ripping le piss out of Samir Nasri!

Le set-up: Arsenal are 4-0 up in 26 minutes against a forlorn Newcastle outfit sans Andy Carroll. It is an embarrassment for the Cheryl Cole fanciers. But non! Voila le comeback! Un, deux, trois, quatre! The game finishes 4-4 and the most noble of draws. Your William pretends to be a clueless Thierry Henry and asks Samir the final score.

‘Thierry’: Bonjour, Samir, c’est Thierry! Le Arsenal legend Thierry Henry!

Samir: Ah, Thierry. Ca va.

‘Thierry’: Samir, I call with grave news. My wife has died.

Samir: Oh no, Thierry, this is dreadful. I was unaware you had remarried.

‘Thierry’: You dwarven fool. I said my wi-fi has died! But before le blackout my fading iPhone brought me great beloved Arsenal were 4-0 up against Les Toon after a mere 26 minutes!!! The title is ours surely! Tell me, Samir, what cricket score did we rack up today....sept? Huit? Ah, it was dix!!! We beat the Tottenham record, I know it.

Samir: Thierry....I....Rosicky.

‘Thierry’: Merde.

Samir: Oui, Rosicky. It started to go wrong with Diaby’s tackle.

‘Thierry’: You are pulling my baguette? Diaby's tackle? Is this the guy celebrated, 84 times capped French international legend William Gallas used to laugh at in the shower?

Samir: We no longer speak of this man.

‘Thierry’: It is better days now Squillaci is here, I understand. But his is a little girlish, you must admit. Premier League football is not a salad bar.

Samir: (A sobbing Nasri hangs up and watches the Twilight trilogy).*

Le merk!: In 2010, seamstresses in Peru created the largest ever pair of jeans measuring 141 feet tall (approximately 25 Samir Nasris) and 98 feet wide (approximately 32 Pat Rices) and weighing in at 7.5 tonnes (approximately 1/2 Nicklas Bendtner’s ego). I purchase and send these record-breaking jeans directly to the Emirates Stadium with a special touch. On the pocket stitched in lilywhite: ‘Property of William Gallas - will all Arsenal players form an orderly queue and climb in! 3-2, 3-2, you pansies!’ Ha ha!

*Actual conversation/events did not take place.