Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spurs are on their way to..Stratford!?!

Go East! To where the pikeys roam!
Go East! Yidos and make your home.
Go East! Life is, er, peaceful there.
Go East! A breeze ruffles Nick Griffin’s hair.

(Together) We’ll pop those bubbles flying high.
(Together) V-sign Haringey Council goodbye.
(Together) We’ll eat our weight in jellied eels.
(Together) Laugh at Dave Gold’s agonised squeals.

(Come on, come on, come on)
(Go East)

As Haringey Council flutters like her eyelashes like a girl who prefers the chase to the 'slap and tickle', Dan ‘The Man’ Levy and his hip hop pal AEG are at the bar nursing Courvoisiers and eyeing up that Essex girl from Stratford. The old bird in North London just doesn’t cut it any more.

The new girl looks mighty fine. Renowned East London geezers Dave ‘Second Hand’ Gold and ‘Dildo’ Davey Sullivan might not like the sharp-suited North Londoners stepping to their local attraction, but they don’t have the game to make an impression.

The North London bird allows limited access. She’s always blocking entry via the Victoria Line, North Circular and White Hart Lane Station. But the new Essex lady will allow 60,000 plus geezers freedom to roam if they can bear her dodgy postcode.

Is the old North London bird (as sources suggest) about to be binned? Will we miss her?

Spurs vs Sunderland in a nutshell. Frustrating 1-1 draw on a bitterly cold night of transport chaos. Spurs peppered the goal like a new steak without joy in the first half. Sunderland scored with their first proper shot on 67 minutes after a mind-numbing defensive gaffe. Sunderland players were required to murder to earn a booking. Howard Webb was Howard Webb. Don’t blame individuals. We need a striker. Jog on.

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SpursSimon said...

Please come back and play Defoe. We will sing you songs and all sorts, just bang in a goal a game and we can all sleep easy.

As for the Olympics - wheels within wheels will make that decision, and in years to come David Cameron can make a funny annecdote about it in his memoirs.