Thursday, November 25, 2010

‘Yes to Stratford'

We are most likely to hit a ‘double dip’ recession next year. Therefore paying top whack for a new stadium to regenerate a rundown area in north London with no public money (unlike the Emirates and Wembley) makes little sense in the current economic climate.

The fact that White Hart Lane is often less easy to access than the South Pole explains why Captain Scott never became a Spurs fan. He wouldn’t have made it past Bruce Grove.

The weekly frustration of a suspended tube line, substandard rail services and mind-numbing traffic and the 25 minute zombie procession to Seven Sisters Tube Station are testing enough with 35,000 plus could this ramshackle infrastructure possibly accommodate 56,000 supporters?

Spurs now have a successful team, three genuine world class players (Bale, Van der Vaart and Modric), defeated Arsenal in two successive league games and qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League. A shift in power is looming. Is it really worth mortgaging a bright future and dropping into greater debt to stay in Tottenham (where so few of our fan base actually have roots)?

Is the ‘No to Stratford’ campaign an intelligent use of time by Spurs fans? ‘Stratford’ is still most likely a bargaining chip by Chairman Daniel Levy. Do you really think he would reveal that to local MP David Lammy or the media? That would be like playing poker with your cards 'face up'. Mr. Levy is simply exploring the best option for our club...why not wait until a concrete decision is made before starting the ‘lillywhite revolution’?

Wherever Spurs go, I will follow. I support the team, not the stadium.

Yes to Stratford. If that’s what’s best for our club.

*** I have had a few supernatural experiences and witnessed a possible UFO in Belsize Park, but last night at White Hart Lane my eyes took in something far more unlikely. A clean sheet. And not the type with a Scooby Doo ghostie floating inside.

That’s right. Remember where you were on 24th November 2010. TOTTENHAM DID NOT CONCEDE A GOAL. Heurelho Gomes did not injure his back stretching to pick the ball from the back of his net. He can probably shag your wife now.


Anonymous said...

get your hands on Stratford you stinky spurs fan, we will have stratford in the championship, hang on, you can have stratford if we can have Bale

SpursSimon said...

Healthy debate, and always good to see the other side of the "ground" debate.
I think the deciding factor for many people is actually if it is the same club after a move - my personal view is that it isn't, your is that it is.
No rights or wrongs, just another topic :-)

Hang on - did you say clean sheet!!

Anonymous said...

WHL is NOT difficult to get to. I went to watch Reading the other week, out of town industrial estate, no trains or tubes so its either an infrequent bus or an hours walk

Jack McInroy II said...

Trouble is how far do you take this? What if moving to Milton Keynes was best for the club? For me it is wrong for Tottenham Hotspur to move out of Tottenham and that's where the argument ends. If we were on the verge of bancruptcy and the only way to save us was to move somewhere else, then maybe we could reopen the debate, but otherwise I am unwilling to.