Monday, October 18, 2010

From Nethercott to San Siro

Stuart Nethercott – where is he now? Probably doing some ironing. He had a turn of pace like James Corden and a shock of bright orange hair, not dissimilar to Beaker from the Muppets. Yet Beaker was more capable defensively; he performed every week with a hand up his arse. Nethercott only played with Sol Campbell occasionally.

Kazu Toda? He makes sushi in a Yokohama Benihana. Toda has problems cutting shrimp, but otherwise his slicing is first class. He still moves like a 97-year-old Gareth Barry.

Jose Dominguez has worked in a Chilean Mine for the last four years. He has been missing for three.

Paolo Tramezzani is a qualified horse whisperer. The new career was a natural progression after many years spent dealing with mares. Horses are often seen laughing in his company.

Jason Dozzell is asleep right now. Please, don’t wake him.

The purpose of these musings? This used to be our Spurs. Tottenham will step out at the San Siro on Wednesday in the Champions League, on the same points as Man Utd and Arsenal in late October with a team littered with top class players. Savour it.

Remember the dark days as we step into the light.

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